MyCareersProfile offers a broad range of career guidance assessments covering all ages to help individuals make better decisions about their future career. Whether starting out in the labour market or considering a career change, it has suitable assessments for both situations.

  • Capacity to search, save and print important job based information.
  • 1,000 different career detailed information.
  • Measures 11 different areas of potential including learning styles and preferred work environment.
  • Over 200 interactive and inspiring career videos.
  • Intelligent personalised career matching technology.
  • Personalised planning report.
  • Accessible from anywhere with internet service.
  • Increases young people‚Äôs aspirations and achievement level.
  • Encourages students to explore their full range of career and study options.
  • Improves motivation and maintains momentum in taking steps.
  • Helps students to make accurate appraisal of future opportunities.
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