Scholarship and Bursary Management

Dragnet pioneered the adoption of technology solutions to revolutionize scholarship and bursary management; making the process more objective, transparent and auditable through Scholastica.

Scholastica utilizes information technology (IT) to automate and enhance the scholarship and bursary management process for organizations in the public and private sectors. The Scholastica experience begins with a thorough review of your program objectives and application process from start to finish. Our keenly built electronic system is designed to simulate your organizational processes and objectively screen demands with respect to your scholarship or bursary scheme. Our system is designed to verify applicant’s academic claims and also streamline renewal processes/updates to keep awardees fully funded.


The timeline for the exercise was met and overall
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Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited

This is my first scholarship aptitude test and I must confess,
it's really great!

Afeez Adebayo Afolabi University Of Ilorin

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