Welcome to the future of testing!

Being the foremost computer-based testing company in Nigeria, it is very clear that a fundamental aspect of our nature is looking into the future and plugging our clients into innovations that perfectly fit in.
The era of test centers is gone! We have moved ahead and we have held our clients by the hand. We offer the most effective online proctoring solutions ever; where candidates are tested from the comfort of their homes while we ensure that the testing processes remain watertight, as usual.

With our online proctoring tool, we not only deliver test scores of candidates, but also deliver alongside, the integrity rating of each candidate with real time video-audio playbacks of the candidate’s test process.

Our Proctoring Features

Facial recognition and comparison with photo ID to authenticate the candidate/staff. This feature helps to avoid impersonation & detect multiple people doing the test.

Voice recognition & voice fingerprinting to verify the candidate and detect background voice activity; usually the case when a 3rd party is assisting.

Real time audio, image & video feeds: Complete audio, video feed of the candidate and screen is recorded along with the auto-detected red flags. This is critical evidence to support claims during an audit of the integrity score.

Background Noise Detection with real time alerts to candidates, encouraging a stop to observed conversation, issuing warnings to candidates as many times as the client prefers; and capable of shutting down a test remotely if the remote shutdown feature is activated.

Browser policing to direct and monitor the candidate’s system, for candidates wanting to flip between browsers to identify search engines in order to access information.

INTEGRITY RATING for each candidate.

We have compiled a case study of our recent deployment of an online test with proctoring for a client in the Food and Beverages industry.

Download from here

Computer Based Testing is a key part of our offering; which is driven by powerful modern technology and globally standardized procedures. Our test center network coverage in and outside Nigeria enables us to provide a unique CBT experience and ultimately deliver on security, deployment, integrity and support. Using our robust screening tools, we are uniquely positioned to deploy a variety of assessments in line with your program needs and objectives.