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Objectivity and clarity in procedure is an important part of the recruitment process. That is why we have designed this highly reliable and culturally relevant psychological assessment that will help you achieve your recruitment goals through a meritable process. Our tests are designed to measure individual’s intellectual ability, interest, and personality. Much more importantly, results obtained from our procedures are those you can trust.

Our Graduate Standardization Examination (GSE) is the most widely accepted graduate assessment tool among recruiters in Nigeria. It is designed to evaluate the cognitive ability of prospective hires, to examine how an individual would react to situations and accomplish daily tasks. This allows the employer to gain a more in-depth understanding of candidates, creating a clear channel for a proper and efficient selection. It comprises of Numerical, Verbal and Abstract reasoning tests.

Numerical Reasoning

This measures the ability to interpret, analyse and draw logical conclusions based on data presented in graphs and tables. Numerical data are crucial sources of information that drives results, monitor progress and achieve business goals.

Verbal reasoning

This measures the ability to rapidly extract relevant information from written sources and make an objective judgment on the basis of that information. The verbal reasoning test provides an indication of how the person will perform when working with relatively complex written information such as reports, correspondence and research information.

Abstract Reasoning

This measures the ability to rapidly identify patterns, logical rules, trends in new data and integrate this information to solve problems. This form of reasoning often referred to as “fluid intelligence” or “inductive insight”  is commonly required for performance in different types of job positions.

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Is there anything as exciting as getting to simulates actual workplace environment while screening candidates before reaching a decision on who is qualified for a particular role? HR Avatar is a job specific software, that tests a wide range of human characteristics from individual cognitive abilities to thorough personality assessments, making our clients to ascertain the various traits needed for the job, before making the final call as regards who to hire.

HR Avatar’s tests are animated, with both an animated host who guides the candidate through the process, and sections that simulate actual workplace situations.

Over 200 job specific simulation assessment
• Sales representative – Services
• Cashier
• Chief Executive
• Claims adjuster, Examiner, Invigilator
• Computer Applications software developer
• Customer service representative (with email)
• Management Analyst
• First Line Supervisor
• Parallel / Legal assistant
• Retail salesperson
• Technician, General maintenance and Repair
• Executive secretary / Administrative assistant.
and many others…

The Dragnet Personality Inventory is a highly validated assessment that is best suited to predict candidates personality in the workplace environment in relation to their job role. It measures traits such as orientation, resilience, achievement orientation and time management.


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DISC personality test reports on candidates’ personality and behaviour – both in work and non-work situations. This test is based on the highly successful DISC model of personality. Tests based on this model have been administered more than 50 million times throughout the world to help select and develop people.

The DISC Theory was developed by William Moulton Marston in the 1920s. Ever since, the theory has been refined and validated by many eminent psychologists and HR professionals. This DISC test has been researched, created and validated by Psychological Research Foundation LLC which has been providing personality and behavioural testing services to organisations for more than 35 years.

DISC Model of Personality

Dominance: Describes the way you assert yourself, deal with problems and control situations. High scorers are direct and like to be challenged.
Influence: Describes the way you deal with people, the way you communicate and relate to others. High scorers like interacting with others in a positive way.
Steadiness: Describes your temperament – patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness. High scorers are cooperative and collaborative.
Compliance: Describes how you approach and organise your activity, procedures and responsibilities. High scorers are keen to follow proven and accepted methods.


We did a psychometric test for a client and had a lot of going back and forth. I liked how accommodating your organization was, acceding to all our requests.

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Using Dragnet's DPI and GSE platforms have helped prepare my students better for the Labor market. They now have a better understanding of themselves as individuals as well as the expectations of the world of work. The user interface of these assessments were very friendly. The staff of Dragnet were with my team every step of the way: from timely responses to on-site visits. Thank you Dragnet for the experience.

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