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Many of us have terrible telephone etiquette, whether we are receiving or making the call. It actually goes beyond, picking up the phone and saying ‘hello’. Now that some hiring managers conduct phone interviews, it is safe to guess that you want to sound professional.

Here are some few phone etiquette you need to know especially when answering calls from an unknown number, you never know who in at the other end.

  • It is suggested that you begin the phone call with an appropriate greeting like Good morning/Afternoon depending on which time of the day you are calling or being called. Do not answer by using words such as “yeah” or “yes.”


  • Be Polite: if you are receiving a call from an unknown number, do not just blurt out ‘who is this’? It is appropriate to say, ‘May I know whom I’m speaking with’? If you’re calling, say ‘May I speak with _____’ try not to sound aggressive.


  • Smile: you might not know this, but when you are smiling while conversing, the person at the other end ‘hears’ it.


  • Get a quiet place: find a quiet place to make or receive your call. If that can not be possible, call back at a more convenient time. It is absurd when you see people screaming into their phones, which in itself is not too good, just because they are in a noisy environment.


  • State the reason for your call, be straightforward and clear. Many of us are in the habit of having unnecessary long telephone conversations because we do not have a clear picture of what we want to discuss.


  • Do not allow interruptions during phone conversations, unless it is absolutely necessary. The person on the telephone takes precedence over someone who happens to walk in your office or passes by while you are on the phone.


  • Always end your call with ‘It was nice speaking with you’ and ‘Have a nice day’.
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Telephone Etiquette

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