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One of the most common question interviewers ask is ‘Tell me about yourself?’ This question can be daunting or a perfect way to influence how your interview goes indirectly. So many jobseekers get tongue-tied when asked this question or they begin to ramble and the interview goes downhill from there.

How can you safely and correctly answer ‘the’ question without shooting yourself in the foot?

  • Give a brief of your education background any of your hobbies etc.
  • You can also mention one of your major achievements, if it fits the circumstance.
  • Keep the answer to just about 3-4 sentences and not more than that.
  • No need to explain your strengths & weakness at this points (as that will definitely come along).
  • Keep the answer simple, to the point and give space and time for further questions. Do not stretch it too much.

A good example would be:

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself

Interviewee: Good morning (or as the time dictates).

Thank you for this opportunity, My name is Mary Michael, in 2017, I obtained my BSc in computer science from the University of _____, Before  my graduation, I had done three Mainframe projects and successfully completed a training course on the Mainframe. I am excellent in planning, analyzing, designing, and developing.

I am interested to work as a Mainframe web developer and my goal is to get good opportunities in the same profile in your company. I have done many successful Mainframe projects while in school. Even though, I have just started my career and don’t have any working experience, but once I get the opportunity, I will prove myself.

My hobbies are Internet browsing & searching for helpful applications, watching discovery channel, playing football, and  listening classics.

From the example above, Mary as clearly and simply state what she has studied, projects she had embarked, what she has to offer. hobbies and what she hopes to gain from the company.

From here on out, the interviewer can build up questions like what kind of software she used, which is a safe topic as she has actually done the project herself or what kind of music she loves to listen to.

Just remember that, you the interviewee, to some extent directs the kind of questions you’d be asked. Just stick to what you know and answer as honestly as you possibly can.


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