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Many organizations have one form of document management software or another simply to cut down paper cost, and digitise archives.But now, leading organizations have progressed from not  just document storage but  to Enterprise Content Management (ECM)  as a tool to improve their business process.

Automating your documentation process makes for a seamless workflow; there is a reduction in bottle necking documents, you keep better track of invoices and receipts and you can work anywhere and at anytime around the world. It allows you to secure,manage and share information.

Some document management softwares take it further by creating e-signatures for your employees that tracks who has had access to a document at any given time. Others have a unique feature that enables you give limited access to some documents. Say, an employee only has clearance to work on page 1-5 of a 40 paged document, you can limited the access to just those pages.

Using ECM can give you other benefits like:

  • Save paper and storage space by eliminating  costly file space by digitizing all paper documents.
  • Locate content quickly by aiding you  to find exactly what you are looking for by using keyword or other custom search types.
  • Streamline collaboration by bringing together digital  files from different locations and sources in a unified repository thereby eliminating duplication of files.
  • Organize content intuitively: connect related documents like emails and their attachments using document links.

One of such ECM software is Laserfiche trusted by more than 35,000 organizations worldwide to secure , manage and share information. Why not join the world leading organizations by using Laserfiche to take your business to the next level?

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Automate your Documentation Process

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