FMN is an equal employment opportunity company and will under no circumstance request applicants to pay money or give any personal items of monetary value to our company or any agency.


Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc has been a part of the lives of Nigerians at home and abroad. Our global vision is to be a leading foods company in Africa providing high quality and affordable products in the most convenient ways to consumers through world class brands like Golden Penny Flour, Golden Penny Semovita, Goldenvita, Golden Pasta and Golden Noodles.

Our other business focus areas include a developing agro allied business producing sugar, rice and palm products; fertilizers to facilitate agricultural development in Nigeria, cement production to help develop Nigeria’s infrastructure, and a number of support businesses providing packaging, transport and logistics services.

In order to deliver our global vision, there are many people carrying out roles across Flour Mills Group, which are completed with broadly the same aims and responsibilities e.g. People in production have the same responsibility to produce safe and quality products that customers want to buy; irrespective of the specific product being produced. As a result, roles within the company have been structured into 3 Job Families. These Job Families have been further categorized into Disciplines which are similar occupations within a job family. Outlined below are the Job families and their various disciplines;

Corporate Services Job Family

Role-holders in this job Family provide information, administrative and other specialist support across the organization. At junior levels, role-holders supply information or other administrative support in the form which is available to them, whist higher roles, present, analyze and interpret information or apply knowledge of a specialist, technical or professional in nature. Outlined below are the various disciplines under Corporate Services job family;

1. Administration Discipline
2. Finance Discipline
3. Internal Audit Discipline
4. Human Resources Discipline
5. MIS & ERP Discipline
6. Company Secretariat

Commercial Job Family

Role-holders in this job family develop, manage and maintain the relationship with both potential and existing customers. Service levels are important in these jobs areas. Outlined below are the various disciplines under Commercial job family;

1. Sales Discipline
2. Marketing Discipline
3. Logistics Discipline
4. Material Management Discipline

Manufacturing And Operations Job Family

Role-holders in this job family are people and process managers, who are also responsible for the management and operation of resources such as budgets, systems and products. These roles deliver the operational context and results of the business. Outlined below are the various disciplines under Manufacturing and Operations job family;

1. Production Discipline
2. Technical Discipline
3. Quality Assurance Discipline
4. HSE Discipline
5. Shipping/Terminal Operations Discipline

Successful candidates can over time progress within their specified Job Family which includes the various disciplines.

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