PalmLeaf Learning Module

PalmLeaf Learning Module is a comprehensive smart-phone led solution for Learning and P.E.C. (Productivity. Engagement, Collaboration) bundled with cutting edge features - together in technology and content to solve modern life style challenges. It is positioned as a solution to the training, learning and development needs of organizations.
It is designed to provide a media rich learning experience to drive productivity and engagement amongst learners.

Benefits for organizations

• Cost effective cloud based solution
• Reduced Cost and Time Wastage
• Custom content development
• Increases productivity and improves employee performance.
• Offers a continuous learning experience- low dropouts
• Easily track learners’ progress and performance.
• Robust analytics and report generation
• Ensures up-to-date compliance
• Improves onboarding & retention
• Platform to drive employee engagement and communication initiatives
• Readily available to geographically distributed teams.

Benefits for Employees

• Learn anywhere and anytime.
• Bite-sized content for quick consumption and higher retention.
• Offers various learning methodologies: Games, Snippetz, A/Vs, summarized books etc.
• Maintains continuity of learning - it never snoozes off
• Discuss, challenge, compare, share and still learn.
• Flexible learning & increased engagement
• Unlimited access to training resources
• Reduced dependency
• Rich and value adding analytics

Want to Subscribe?

Palmleaf mobile e-learning platform significantly improves learning & engagement through smarter mobile driven solutions that meet changing lifestyle needs. Why not see how it works.

Features of PalmLeaf Learning Module

• Cost effective cloud based solution
• Reduced training cost and improved efficiency
• Bite-sized snack-design content available anytime anywhere
• Custom content authoring – one time investment
• Optimized to fit any mobile device
• Fully responsive and attractive user interface
• Real time backend analytics for Learning admin
• Available for geographically distributed teams
• Easily integrated with HRMS
• Various Learning methodologies - Courseware, Case-led, Audio-Visual, Book summaries and more
• User management and Data Security
• Maintains continuity of learning and tracks learning progress - low dropouts
• Comprehensive and comparable learners’ analytics
• Platform to drive employee engagement and communication initiatives
• Secured SaaS Deployment
• Dynamic reports to track usage and learning pattern


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