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    Talent Strenght Personality Questionnaire - TSPQ

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    The TSPQ is a personality questionnaire designed for accurate and efficient profiling in the workplace. It forms part of a broader suite of tools called the Invent Series™ constructed to give robust scientific insights into people's behaviours in business and in organisations. The questionnaire has been standardised to provide a broad representation of the well-established Big 5 personality domains and contains a flexible compendium of 47 scientifically validated personality scales. As the name suggests, practitioners are provided with the means to “invent” tailored personality questionnaires using only the scales that they desire. The result is a shorter more pleasing candidate experience and a more focussed and targeted profile for the practitioner to use in their evaluations. The Talent Strengths Software System builds and configures a tailored questionnaire instantly, enabling the practitioner to deploy their tailored questionnaire in a recruitment or employee development campaign almost immediately.

    For practitioners unsure of the personality traits they wish to measure, The Invent Series™ includes a Job Competency Analysis Questionnaire that helps identify both the priority competencies required for performance in a given job role but also the personality scales associated with each competency. Practitioners can choose either a competency or personality based profile report, whichever they find most helpful.


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