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    About LESAT


    The LESAT is positioned to be a standardized test for benchmarking Law graduates for entry positions into Law Firms in Nigeria. The LESAT is designed to measure the skills necessary for a successful career in the legal world. LESAT will test the verbal reasoning skills at the heart of the legal profession: comprehension, interpretation, analysis, synthesis, induction, and deduction. These skills will serve the Lawyer well throughout their professional life and legal career. LESAT would be an invaluable tool that would greatly assist Law firms in profiling, screening and selecting graduate Lawyers that seek a career with their firms. The core skills the LESAT hopes to achieve from the test takers would be strategic reading, analysing argument, understanding formal logic, and making deductions. To be successful on the LESAT, a Lawyer must be able to make deductions and draw valid inferences from related rules and statements in every section. LESAT hopes to reward what the candidate can do and not what the candidate has learned. The LESAT would give the candidate an opportunity to showcase his abilities/qualities. A Lawyer who has sat for the LESAT can forward their test score to any of the LESAT participating firms of their choice.


    - It would give Lawyers the opportunity to showcase their intellectual capabilities and potentials for workplace productivity.

    - Applicants who have sat for the LESAT can forward their test score to any of the LESAT participating firms of their choice and the score would remain valid for the 12 calendar months.

    - The LESAT score empowers an applicant to apply to multiple Law firms.

    - Applicants don’t have to travel long distance to take the test. Applicants can walk into any of the Dragnet accredited centres and take a test after being scheduled on the LESAT Portal Site.

    - Applicants can have a test score that enhances their profile and sets them apart from others.

    - The LESAT would be available to Lawyers at home and abroad.

    Over 22 law firms have subscribed to use the LESAT as the yardstick for employing Graduate Lawyers into full-time and internship positions.