Face of Testing

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    What does it Do?

    The Face of testing assessment application is Dragnet Solutions Limited’s first indigenous computer based examination software in Nigeria. FOT as its popularly known was designed, developed and deployed with the present computer based testing in Nigeria, Africa and global trends taken into consideration. Through its array of features FOT is pioneering the adoption of easy to use computer based testing solution in Schools and organisations to automate and enhance the screening process for examinations, aptitude test and promotion examinations, making it faster, objective, transparent and auditable.

    FOT aims to demystify CBT and make it accessible to a bigger market. We will allow the big the medium and the small to all enjoy the thrills of CBT by making available to them the components they need.
  • Key Features

    • Option to chose proctored or unproctored tests (use of centers or online deployment).
    • Support multiple assessment types: MCQ (Single Response/Multiple Response, Essay Type Questions).
    • Desktop based authoring.
    • Stand alone authoring Apps.
    • Authoring of own questions.
    • Email and SMS notification to candidates.
    • Randomization within sub assessments/topics.
    • Creation and scheduling of multiple assessments.
    • Dynamic Retrieval of questions.
    • Candidate Self-Service to select centers
    • View Candidate Photos and Biometric Information
    • Unproctored test taken at any location and at the convenience of the candidates
    • Proctored tests taken in controlled centers that meet the standards of test administration and processing • Instant results.
    • Simultaneous multi-locations testing.
    • Limited internet dependency.

    Who can use FOT?

    Our Solutions support the following users:

    • Primary, secondary and tertiary institutions

    • Examiners

    • Recruiters

    • Human resources and promotion departments of Private sector organisations

    • Human resources and promotion departments of Public sector Ministry’s, Parastatals and Agencies.

    • Institutes and Associations.


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