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There are so many personality measures and each one offers its own unique insights to what makes you ticks. But there are real benefits for taking assessments like Dragnet’s Personality Inventory (DPI).

In doubt, here are 5 really good and valid reasons why you need a personality test.

  • It helps Inform Your Career: Are you a lawyer, doctor an engineer? Passion is a big part of the equation. But you personality is also a determining factor to which occupation is a good fit. Take highly sensitive people, for instance. According to Elaine Aron, a longtime researcher of the personality type, HSPs may want to consider careers like teaching because of their service-based nature.  HSPs also enjoy quiet work places because they don’t like over stimulation, Additionally, personality tests may also be part of the job hunt. Some companies use the assessments in the application process to help vet candidates. Companies may also offer personality tests during their training process after an employee has been hired as well.
  • It Helps You Decide What To Study in School: Character assessments can also helps university students as they navigate their area of study. The more you know what your personality aligns with, the better idea you’ll have of what you want to study when you go to school. A 2006 study published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior found that students who were more personally interested in what they were studying had an increased likelihood of performing better.
  • It Will Help You Understand Your Strength and Weaknesses: The more insight you have into how you operate, the easier it is to determine what your best and worst traits are — something that can come in handy both personally and professionally. For example, according assessments  ESFJs, or Extroverted-Sensing-Feeling-Judging individuals, are’caregivers’ and word hard to make other people happy. This is a great quality to have, but it may lend itself to being too much of a people pleaser. Strength? They care about others. Weakness? They tend to ignore their own needs.
  • It Feels Good To Know Yourself: Chances are you’ve received personality test results that make you exclaim “this is so me” (or, if not, you just take the test again). But why does it really matter what the answers say? Humans like the validation that comes with establishing who they really are as individuals. The more you know yourself, the more you’re able to assert what you really need in life, relationships or otherwise.

So storm fearlessly into the world, armed with the knowledge that you’re extrovert, an introvert, an old soul or whatever it is that you identify with. Let that personality shine.




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Why Do I Need a Personality Check?

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